Conditions of Enrolment

Every patron to the studio must abide by the conditions of enrolment set out in our agreement.

Our conditions of enrolment outline the rules, expectations and compulsory obligations of patrons, staff and students.

We welcome patrons to an inclusive environment which promotes reciprocal respect.

Conditions of Enrolment

  • Tuition fees are presented as a whole TERM FEE and must be paid in entirety in advance of each term.
  • The total tuition fee must be settled by the due date. Direct deposit, credit, cash and cheques acceptable. 
  • Failure to pay the tuition fee by the due date will result in suspended lessons and/or cancellation of lessons with the entirety of the fee still payable as well as an additional late fee.
  • Tuition fees may be exclusive of GST, which will be added upon invoicing.
  • If a student is unable to attend tuition due to illness or otherwise, parents must inform teacher directly.
  • If a student is absent from class a lesson fee is still incurred; the lesson is not rescheduled, credited or deducted from term fees; refunds are not applicable.
  • If a teacher is unable to hold a class a substitute teacher will be arranged.
  • Private tuition lessons scheduled on public holidays and pupil-free days are still taught, as timetabled unless otherwise specified.
  • Minimum commitment for enrolment is at least one term.
  • 14 days (term-time) notice is required for cancellation of enrolment.
  • Studio Director, Marianna Psaltis must be given at least 14 days (term time) prior written notice if the parents/guardians wish to terminate an enrolment.
  • If enrolment is discontinued mid-term the entire term’s fees are still payable without refund.
  • Fees are not refundable under any circumstance.
  • Brisbane Acting and Drama is not obligated to provide refunds or alternative credits under any circumstance.
  • Teachers reserve the right to reschedule classes when attending rehearsals, performances and eisteddfods.
  • Students must work towards performance goals.
  • A teacher’s decision on performance pieces is final.
  • Students who wish to perform duologues must be enrolled in a paired lesson.
  • Students who wish to enter exams must be enrolled for a full semester in private tuition.
  • Parents, guardians and students acknowledge and consent to photography and filming of lessons and performances for publication, advertising and social media purposes.
  • Parents, guardians, family members or friends are not permitted to attend or observe group classes or remain on the premises while class is in session.
  • Parents and guardians of children in private tuition whose class is in session are permitted to wait quietly in the foyer.
  • Students must be dropped off and picked up from class on time; staff will not be held responsible for supervising children outside of regular scheduled class times.
  • Students must provide a water bottle and display folder for class.
  • Students and parents are responsible for the safe return of any borrowed materials; failure to do so will result in additional fees.
  • All performance pieces provided to students are subject to Brisbane Acting and Drama Copyright Policy; failure to comply may result in termination of enrolment and/or infringement notice and fines.
  • Any literature, documents, class plans, teaching material, outlines spoken and written are not permitted for use unless given in writing by studio director, Marianna Psaltis
  • Students are not permitted to perform or use Brisbane Acting and Drama learning materials at non-studio events without permission.
  • Parents, guardians and students must give written notice of any concerns regarding teachers, classes and Brisbane Acting and Drama to the studio Director, Marianna Psaltis as soon as they become aware of them.
  • Students and parents will behave in an appropriate manner at all times at the studio, performance venues and eisteddfods.
  • Students are expected to behave in a manner that respects the rights of others, be cooperative with staff and others in authority at all times.
  • Parents are expected to support Brisbane Acting and Drama staff in maintaining a safe and respectful learning environment.
  • Students must be punctual to lessons, rehearsals and performances. Failure to arrive on time may result in exclusion.
  • All students must have their vaccinations up to date. The Director, Marianna Psaltis must be notified by parents or guardians if a child is not currently immunised.
  • Parents, guardians and students acknowledge that Brisbane Acting and Drama may hold or attend activities outside the class grounds (including performance venues and eisteddfods both in Australia and overseas) and accepts all risk to the student’s health and of injury or death that may result from such participation and releases Brisbane Acting and Drama from any and all liability, loss, personal injury, damage to property or claims or causes of action that may arise as a result of such participation, except to the extent caused by negligence by Brisbane Acting and Drama.
  • In the event of a minor injury to a student first aid will be administered where applicable.
  • In the event of a serious incident every effort will be made to contact the parents or guardians and should they not be contactable parents or guardians authorise Brisbane Acting and Drama to arrange for necessary medical attention. Any resultant expense is the responsibility of the parents.
  • Parents or guardians of students who have allergies must provide a medical action plan as well as any medications.
  • Students, parents and guardians must abide by the conditions of enrolment at all times; failure to do so may result in termination of enrolment.
  • It is the responsibility of parents/guardians to read all communications from Brisbane Acting and Drama.
  • All persons who enter the studio must abide by our COVID19 safe plan.
  • All persons who enter the studio must abide by government COVID19 regulations.
  • Parodically students may be referred to professional organisations, casting agents and directors at which time Brisbane Acting and Drama may charge commission or referral fee may apply at industry standard rates.
  • All students who are referred by the studio or receive audition advice/casting calls and receive work, screen credits and/or renumeration may incur an agent’s fees.
  • Students, parents, staff and all parties associated with Brisbane Acting and Drama have a duty to uphold the ethos of the studio at all times on and off campus.
  • Studio ethos requires patrons to act in a respectful way at all times and promote an environment of inclusivity, reciprocal respect and decorum.
  • Contravention of the conditions of enrolment may result in exclusion.
  • Enrolment is ongoing until cancelled in writing or the calendar year ends.

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