Tertiary Qualifications

Tertiary Qualifications

Tertiary qualifications and diplomas are available through our studio in acting and performance.
Alumnus, Claire Dewar (class of 2020) attained her performance diploma (ATCL) and gained entrance to the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, in Hollywood.

Alumnus, Claire Dewar (class of 2020) attained her performance diploma (ATCL) and gained entrance to the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, in Hollywood.  Since graduating, Claire lives in Los Angeles, has appeared in many productions (stage and screen) and has been featured in Shourout LA! Check out the article HERE! 


Tertiary qualifications in acting and performance.

  • Professional performance diploma examination training including theory and practice
  • Start anytime!
  • All performance based – no written submissions!
  • Stage and screen technique training
  • All diploma programs designed and led my Studio Director, Marianna Psaltis
  • Performance exams and qualifications with Trinity College London
  • Students learn analytical skills, theory and practical skills 
  • Exam fees are billed separately
  • Students must be enrolled for at least a semester in order to qualify for examination
  • On camera digital exams including theory and practice 
  • Invoices will be issued each term via email and must be paid in advance of the start date
  • 30 days (term-time) notice is required for cancellation of enrolment

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Performance Diplomas!

Diploma Study at our Studio!

Learn and Qualify with us!

Weekly Lessons

Weekly in person and online classes are available on Friday evenings term-time with complimentary masterclasses and online learning available anytime.


Lesson extensions and real-world training compliment student learning and all programs are designed by Studio Director, Marianna Psaltis.  Theory and practice combine to create an academically rigorous and practical course of study with industry training in performance for stage and screen. 

Trinity College London

Our diplomas are issued by renowned international examination body, Trinity College London. Diploma results contribute to schooling, ATAR as well University admission and recognised as an independent tertiary qualification.  All diplomas are internationally recognised and our studio holds exceptionally high graduate results for over a decade with 100% graduate success rate.

Flexible Learning

Flexible learning is encouraged and each student will be guided through individually tailored learning programs. With program material accessible online 24 hours, students can study at their convenience under the guidance of a professional and experienced educator.  Group lessons can be accessed online or in person at our Redlands Studio in Cleveland.  

We encourage students with all levels of ability to enquire and there is no academic prerequisite to enrol in this course. Students are encouraged to have taken our advanced acting class (Senior/Graduate Acting Class) prior to engaging in Diploma study.

Course Material

Study covers and incredible repertoire of literature including: classic and contemporary selections, Shakespeare and Greek Theatre; prose; poetry; characters; screen and stage plays; movies; actors and artistic movements; stage productions; auteurs; arts practitioners and more.

Start Anytime

Students can enrol in our Diploma class at any time with the view of committing to at least 3 terms of study prior to submission. Our Studio Director will work with new students to determine their duration of study and relevant work programs. Most diplomas are completed in under a year.

The best time to enrol is towards beginning of the year due to the vast performance experiences on offer at our studio that are unique to our students.  As the class builds momentum it can be challenging to commence study in the middle of a year, however as each program is individually created based on each student’s needs, learning can be integrated at any time under the advisement of our Studio Director.


Each student is different and courses are tailored to individuals. Most students will complete and submit their diploma for assessment by our examination board in under a year of diploma study.


All submissions are practical performances recorded on video.  There is no writing or assignment paperwork that needs to be submitted. Students record a practical performance that is sent for assessment to Trinity College, London. The performance is a culmination of student performance work, theory and practice.

Graduate with honours!

Gain confidence, skills and knowledge all in one course and graduate with an ATCL (Associate of Trinity College London) Performance Diploma. Our studio has recorded exceptional results for over 10 consecutive years and our students have been recognised for topping the state and Australia for their diploma results.

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Studio Director, World Monologue Games Judge and Acting Coach, Marianna Psaltis with Global Finalist, Rose Traynor-Boyland

Student, Rose Traynor-Boyland and Studio Director, Marianna Psaltis. Rose is one of several students commencing Diploma study at our studio. 

Claire Dewar, Alumnus at her Graduation in Hollywood

Graduate, and professional performer, Claire Dewar. 

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