Casting and Submissions

This page outlines our casting and submissions process. .

Casting and Submissions with our Studio

The Process

If a child progresses to being cast on a project, further details will be provided to you such as project name, shoot dates, locations, costuming and other private information to the project.

Casting is subject to the Casting Director/Project Manger and their decision is final.


Unpaid work – the experience of working on a film set and these projects will add extensively to your child’s CV and experience.

Paid work – this is subject to the project, casting and other details. Professional rates and child working laws apply.


Should our students/actors be cast in larger roles, usually paid work professional rates will be applied, subject to fees such as agent’s commission among others, as outlined in our Conditions of Enrolment. In which case we will ask for bank details to be provided as well as TFN, superannuation accounts and other relevant working details. All pupils being submitted must have the right to work in Australia.

Supervision on Set

All students under 18, ‘child actors’ require a guardian to be on set at all times with them while shooting. This is standard practice.

I and or my team will be acting as students’ guardians during these shoots/projects, unless otherwise specified/requested. Transportation to and from set will remain the responsibility of the parents, unless otherwise arranged. 


It is expected that most locations will be local but are project specific and may include travel interstate and overseas, only once cast, usually att the expense of the production.  

Preparation Packages

We provide the training and expertise, produce all of the submittable work and complete all of the administration and relevant communication.  We bring the project opportunities and information to our students/performers and assist them to successfully prepare and submit all required material.


In order to successfully prepare students for submissions, we require specific items to be prepared during different casting workshops often including but not limited to the following:

  • Actor’s Headshots
  • Actor’s ID Shots
  • Actor’s ID Cover Sheet (From template only. A document will be provided for completion by parents and returned via email in digital format. For bespoke Actor’s CVs please discuss with Studio Director).
  • Actor’s Personal Statements (on camera and or writing)
  • Actors Video ID in Studio – students will be trained in the correct video ID format and perform a take on camera as instructed during the session.
  • Full body measurements including head, waist, chest, leg and more will be taken for costuming purposes.
  • Height
  • Clothing and shoe size
  • Private contact information will be accessed and shared with relevant parties.
  • Vaccination status and relevant documentation to be provided upon request (usually 15 years and over)
  • Dress – 3 outfits including Theatre blacks, 2. Two outfit choices of any casual clothing reflective of the actor’s personal style
  • Hair – reflective of your personal style to arrive prepared to shoot
  • Make-up – Naturally presented for students under 18, over 18 reflective of your personal style. Arrive ready to shoot.
  • What to bring – 2 casual outfits, theatre blacks, hair products, make-up if necessary for touch ups, water bottle and snack.
  • Students may also have the opportunity to appear on our websites and social media.
  • Cost varies depending on the session

Types of Projects

  • Professional and ammeter
  • Paid/unpaid
  • Theatre
  • Film
  • TV
  • Series
  • Feature films/movies
  • Local, national and international projects
  • Advertising campaigns
  • Commercials
  • In house performance team projects
  • Studio Projects
  • Masterclasses
  • Learning Extensions
  • Meeting with industry professionals/workshops

Parental Consent Forms

When enrolling at our studio, parents grant consent and acknowledge our conditions of enrolment.  This is ongoing and extends to all studio opportunities including casting preparation sessions, submissions and professional projects.

In addition to this, out of curtest we provide additional information and while we don’t necessarily require additional consent, we provide it as a matter of curtesy such as the following:

By signing this form, I acknowledge and understand the information provided in this document and consent to my child/children participating in this opportunity as well as the requested personal details being shared with relevant parties. I give my child/children permission to work with Brisbane Acting and Drama on the abovementioned projects and any additional industry opportunities.  I have discussed with my child/children the expected behaviour and work ethic both in training at Brisbane Acting and Drama and on professional working sets.  I grant Marianna Psaltis and the team at Brisbane Acting and drama guardianship while on set and entrust them with the safe supervision of my child, unless otherwise arranged. I formally acknowledge the above in accordance with Brisbane Acting and Drama’s Conditions of Enrolment.  If I have any queries or concerns, I will raise them in writing immediately with Studio Director, Marianna Psaltis. 

No Guarantee of Casting

We never guarantee that an actor/student will be cast, we only provide the training and opportunity for casting

Please be reminded that these sessions are designed to train and professionally prepare students for industry work on the current mentioned projects, as per the casting requirements specific to these opportunities.  

There is no guarantee to working on these projects, as the final say is in the hands of casting directors, agents and creative teams.  

By engaging in this level of training and preparation our students will be afforded the time to showcase their skills to a number industry professionals with the view of possibly gaining further experience on set, either working with our Studio Director or possibly even independently cast.

Agency Representation

If your child is currently represented by an agent, please let me know directly as this may affect casting.


Please be advised that the requested information to be shared with casting teams/studios is private and personal such as names, addresses, contact details, child’s measurements and photos.


Please be advised that all information and communication surrounding casting calls including scripts, locations, cast members are private and confidential and must not be shared without the Studio Director’s permission. Your discretion is required. 


The project opportunities are provided to students of our studio and remain private and confidential.

If parents, guardians or students have any concerns regarding the above or future similar casting calls please inform the Studio Director directly. Students may also be submitted for relevant similar opportunities based on their participation in casting workshops.

These opportunities are for students of our studio only.


Ownership of Work

All work produced remains the property of Brisbane Acting and Drama Pty Ltd and can be used in accordance with our conditions of enrolment for any studio purpose at anytime, even after enrolment has ceased.

All photography, videography, written work and any creative work produced with us remains property of Brisbane Acting and Drama Pty Ltd.

Use of our literature and original work may be granted with the express permission of the Studio Director.  Our Copyright Policy applies.  Unauthorised use of our work may result in infringements and legal action.

Opportunities at our Studio

We only bring what are considered to be the best opportunities to our students. There is no obligation for students participate in these sessions submissions as they are optional extras in training, casting and submissions. 

Past Projects

Our performers have worked collectively on many professional projects in the past including Australia’s Got Talent, numerous feature film shoots (movies) commercials, TV series and more.

A great movie we featured in was, Swimming for Gold in 202​0 with Disney star, Peyton List. Ms Psaltis assisted with the casting process such as this and over 20 of our students were cast as featured extras, extras and background actors across multiple shoots.  The movie is like a time capsule for the studio and features so many of our long-running students and mentors.  Check out ​the TRAILER HERE and some photos ​on our website ​H​ERE.

We have also worked on many other including projects including ELVIS with Baz Luhrmann, Streamline with Jason Issacs and Levi Miller produced by Ian Thorpe, Mistletoe Ranch, A Prince in Paradise, Queensland Road Safety Campaigns, Young Rock with THE ROCK, God’s Favourite Idiot with Melissa McCarthy, Joe vs Carrol, Drumstick Ice-Cream, Cold Rock Ice-Cream, and many others. Check out some of our past projects on our website or social media.


Queries and feedback are welcome via email. Please direct all communication regarding projects, castings and training to Studio Director, Marianna Psaltis in writing via email to

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