Drama ClassesWhy You SHOULD Take Drama Lessons

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Confidence is an incredible gift and by obtaining it you open up a world of possibilities.  Confidence is vital at every age in social interactions, communication and on stage.  How do we develop confidence?  Brisbane Acting and Drama classes foster a creative and inclusive environment where students feel comfortable to be themselves.  We design activities that focus on role-play, improvisation, speaking and listening.  Being exposed to an environment that promotes effective communication and social interactions and promotes an inclusive environment, young people will grow and thrive.  Taking drama classes is all about creativity and fun, developing self-confidence and being social.

Confidence gives you the ability to truly be yourself and make valuable contributions to all aspects of your life. We provide an environment that boosts confidence and embraces the individual.

Many students attend classes at our studio for the fun, theatrics and wonderful art of drama and acting. Through engagement in carefully constructed and FUN activities students gain the confidence to express themselves and discover who they truly are.

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