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Simply put [The Studio] was the space we needed for Dantè to find his tribe and unleash his inner quirky, creative and confident self and we are eternally grateful for all the staff for how they ensure that all those who join are included and made to feel accepted and encouraged to find their inner sparkle and shine in a way that’s true to them in their own way and time.


[The Studio] has instilled a great amount of grounding, focus and discipline for me in my following years as a graduate, the time that I spent under Miss Psaltis’ wing helped pave the way for me in my career as an actor.  She will continue to be a strong mentor figure to me for the rest of my life.


It’s an incredible experience that taught me about myself then anything else has.


The studio is a place where I could be myself. I absolutely LOVE the atmosphere it provides and how welcoming it is. ??? I have achieved above and beyond what I thought I would when I first joined. I was able to participate in numerous eisteddfods and was lucky enough to participate in an Australian movie!


From a young age, RAD has helped me to improve my confidence and stage presence. Now as a mentor, I really enjoy being able to pass on these skills to the next generation.


Miss Psaltis has introduced me to so many amazing opportunities that I don’t think I would find anywhere else. I find the studio as a place where I can express myself because the mentors are so kind and helpful. Attending the studio has given me valuable skills not only for acting and drama, but for the real world! I thoroughly enjoy attending.


Brisbane Acting and Drama provides a supportive environment in which I was able to accomplish various successes that I am very proud of at eisteddfods, exams and studio plays. On top of this, it has given me many new opportunities to learn, grow and make new friends. My time in the group classes was particularly memorable, especially working together to put on a play each year. I have gained invaluable skills that I will use for the rest of my life.


At the studio, the key words to a successful performance are: energy, focus and FUN!
The studio has allowed me to perform in theatrical productions and eisteddfods, complete Acting exams and be a part of a positive environment where you are encouraged to be yourself among other hardworking actors. These experiences were so valuable as they boosted my confidence in everyday life. The acting skills and education can be applied in a variety of circumstances which I wouldn’t have learnt anywhere else.

The teachers will go above and beyond for every student. Every student is supported by the teachers and by one another.

Mentoring was an amazing experience as it allowed me to see young actors grow into fantastic performers. From acting in shows to helping with aspects behind the scenes was so rewarding as it gave me a new appreciation for the hard work and effort that is put in by the teachers for each student to produce an incredible show. The friendships formed will be kept for life.

All of this could not be achieved without Miss P who will always give everything to help her students achieve.


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